November 30, 2010

Spreading Holiday Cheer through USPS

Happy Holidays friends. I am excited to share with you about a special deal that was presented to me. Shutterfly a awesome printing company is offering us bloggers 50 FREE Christmas cards to share a little bit about our past experiences. I have used shutterfly in the past to create beautiful save-the-dates for our wedding.
I am going to use them this year to make our Christmas cards. I needed something really quickly done with the hectic schedule of my life I usually do not wait until last minute to these things but this year has been so BUSY. So, on that note I found these great quick cards to mail out to my family and friends, of course I wont reveal the real cards to you on here but here are a couple I like. This one will showcase a few great photos of the family. Also, it gives you space to write a personal note to family and friends. I also love this one its a retro feel so cute perfect if you have one great photo to showcase.

Last but not least, these would make a great gift for family members a magnetic calender for family members is a affordable, personalized Christmas gift.

From our family to yours look out in your mail for our holiday card :)

October 4, 2010


(My Halloween costume from a couple of years back, I was Velma)

One of my Favorite months is here. OCTOBER. If you know me at all I am a Halloween FREAK. I love everything HALLOWEEN. 13 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN on ABC Family, Costumes, Decor, The weather, Hay Rides, and Pumpkin Patches.

I found this really fun Blog that shows you how to make awesome crafts, and this really fun Halloween wreath.

I also found this fun video from our favorite girls over at Food Network of cute and TASTY little treats to make this Fall Season.

Last but not least, I think I may have found Truman a Halloween costume. I think I am going to make him a PARTY ANIMAL. My idea is to take a empty 6 pack strap it on his back like a saddle and put a party hat on him. Not sure where is going to show this off at, But I will atleast get a kick out of it.

September 14, 2010

Fun Adventures in AUGUST

This summer I was very blessed with being able to travel alot, I think bw May and August I took about 9 trips. It was awesome I was able to visit alot with the people I miss the most. Here is our girls night with my best friends from High school.
In August 2 of my besttest friends came here and we took a road trip to the Beautiful, Southern Savannah.
Darrell on the other hand was not able to travel very much he was working and in school the entire summer, he made me very proud with all his hard work and accomplishments. So, he was able to go on one trip with me to Charlotte and It was awesome because we were able to do some much in 2 days!
We went to Jade's first birthday party. Jade is such a little sweetheart she is the first baby for our group of CSU friends which makes her extra special. The boys had tons of fun going down the slip and slide.
Here is Jade and her parents, such a sweet family! Happy Birthday JADEY!

There are so many other pictures I would love to share with you from my adventures this summer, but first I need to learn how to upload pics wherever I want in the blog! :)

September 13, 2010


I pretty much have abandoned this blog. But, over the past couple of weeks I have had something inside of me that has been wanting to be a blogger girl so badly! Basically my goal for the next couple months is to blog as much interesting stuff as possible and to find other AWESOME bloggers to link up with and share ideas and creativity!

So here is what has been going on in the Brace household since June.

July Highlights:

Tevin (the student we mentor) Darrell and I went on a trip to ORLANDO to celebrate Tevin graduating from HIGH SCHOOL and also to explore the new Harry Potter world! Which is super awesome everyone needs to go!


Was a crazy month 4 of my close friends all had babies, well one is a friend but also my sister so I have earned myself one more sweet little nephew!


We are getting back into our new life routine with Darrell attending MUSC and me working and focusing on my career in the Hair world (which I love more than anything)

I will be updating more regularly so stay tuned!

June 22, 2010


I had to share with you all. I have been super slack the past 6 months, because of the new salon, and weddings, and blah blah blah the rat race of life. But, I got back on the coupon train tonight and I couldn't be more STOKED!
I went to PUBLIX and only spent $6.33 on ALL OF THIS. Yes its mostly JUNK food but with all of the food my husband eats, and we always have guests this JUNK comes in handy. I have been on a serious diet (life change) for the past month and I have been working out and eating better so I wont get to enjoy most of it myself but never the less a DEAL is a DEAL!

In other news today is our 2ND wedding anniversary. It is truly hard to believe. We have had a great 2nd year. With big things happening like 2 trips to NYC a 2 times to Baltimore, 3 trips to Charlotte,1 sporting trip to ATL, twice to Myrtle Beach and probably a couple stops in between we love to travel, Darrell's acceptance into MUSC, getting a new pup (HAMI GIRL) and so much more. There has also been major downs in the 2nd year I like to say the terrible 2's ran its course at times as well (just keeping it real) Marriage is definitely not as easy as it looks. But all is on the up and up and we are looking forward to many more!

March 22, 2010


This is a must try. I went to TARGET this am and got all of this and PAID $0.00 out pocket. They paid me! My total earned after the deal was $3.86!


Sorry for the Lack of posting, as you all know I am a very busy GAL but life has become so so much more busy! I have thrown in to the mix a 2nd dog and operating 2 business WOW, not to mention all the stuff I LOVE doing in my free time! Just a couple updates I made it into Charleston wedding Magazine! Check it out to see my ad! I am hoping the business will take off so much more in 2010 I have also moved salons and am now a independent contractor at Broadway Images which has been very awesome so far! I look forward to seeing all of you in my chair in the near future. As for the spring, We will be taking a trip to Westminster and NYC. Also, I will be taking a couple trips for work and to celebrate 2 friends birthdays coming up.

Many of you have also asked me how weight watchers is going. My goal is to loose 19 1bs. Since starting 1 month ago this Thursday I have lost 6 LBS this diet is awesome you can still eat everything you love but just less! I have really enjoyed it and I know this is something I can stick with. If anyone has any ?'s about the diet or plan feel free to email me. Its not a super quick fix diet I truly believe it is a diet that will keep the weight off for the long haul.

I am looking forward to this summer. Darrell will be starting school at MUSC and plans to go straight through to the nurse practitioner program. It was a BIG accomplishment to be accepted and we are all VERY excited for him!

Well all please keep in touch :)

February 1, 2010

February 2010

So here I am. January sort of flew by and left me with little to no posting time. A lot has been going on with the #1 think which is WORK. That has been a lot of time and focus as of late. Also, Darrell started taking some classes at Trident to keep himself going. He has applied at a couple of Masters programs and we are waiting to hear back so you can be praying for that.

Hamilton has started taking classes with the AKC which has been pretty cool and fun, she has learned a lot of neat tricks. A lot of the dogs in her classes are show dogs so its pretty intense but we have no intentions of showing her or breeding her at this point. Truman is doing well also he loves having a little sister, and having someone to play with. His mange has been completely clear since October so that is awesome hopefully it will not come back.

We are still doing lots of couponing. I did a challenge for the month of January which was the $40 eat from the pantry challenge. It went pretty well except for the fact that I have no stockpile like most of the other women who braved the challenge but its ok, we still only spent $75 and that is actually going to get us through to the 7th of February so I am very proud of this feet.

Our plans for the spring are to make one more trek to NYC before mid April & wait on the letters from the schools Darrell applied for. It closed today so anytime now. I am freaking out more than him, but if you know him you could assume just as much.

Last but not least everyone go see "Dear John" it comes out this weekend and our awesome brother Warren helped film the movie look for his name in the credits.

December 17, 2009

Christmas Cards 2009

Hey all we wanted to share with you all a couple of photos from our christmas cards.
and our Christmas cards were made by

We will update more later with Christmas decorations of our home.

Merry Christmas to all :-)

December 6, 2009

Welcome Her Everyone

Introducing Hamilton Winslow Brace

Hey everyone my Birthday gift came early. Darrell got me a Morkie! I have been wanting one for sometime but was a little concerned how she would do with our beast Truman. So far so good she is too cute. She was 2.8 LBS and is 8 weeks old. How did we get the name you ask? My husband has this thing with presidential names i.e Truman (our other dogs name) so we always knew the next name we used would be Hamilton it was already a fav of ours and Winslow was after the family on "Family Matters" a favorite show of mine in the 90's still is when I can catch it. Truman Banks Brace was named after the Banks family on "Fresh Prince" I know we are wacky but I crack myself up. She looks like a little teddy bear and is so sweet. Truman is still kind of unsure of her but we are giving him lots of love so he doesn't get left out!

November 14, 2009

Publix Trip 11/14/04

Awesome Trip today at Publix. Great deals to note, they are all free....

Chinet Napkins 40-90 ct., at $1.89 (94¢)
-$1 off any Chinet product coupon (makes it free)

Kellogg’s Cereals 11.2-16.5 oz, at $3.99 ($1.99)
(use Target with $1 coupon makes it FREE)
Also, check

Betty Crocker Frosting at $1.71 (85¢)
-.50/1 Betty Crocker Frosting SS 11/15, 10/25 (makes it free)

Always take your $5 off $25 coupon from Rite-Aid

And always check Target's coupons, Publix is the best bc they take ALL competitors coupons :)

Sorry, I have been slack on the posting lately, I have been so busy with work and other things its been hard to find time to post but I hope everyone is finding great deals!

Also, I went shopping on Saturday night and I had a much better experience they were re-stocking all the sale items (usually I go on Sunday and everything is out so I have to get rain checks) And, its super slow on Saturday night so its not wild in there at all like it is Sunday and the week nights. Just a tip.

My total before coupons: $163.97
My total after coupons: $60.05
I am not very good at math but I believe that is like a 69% savings?

November 1, 2009

October savings

Hey all,

I have slowed down on my coupon blogging a little because I have been so busy. October has been my busiest month for Loose Ends I had weddings every weekend since the middle of September so I have just been rockin' and rollin'. I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I did very well even though I had little time this past month, so it shows no matter how busy you are you can always coupon.


I believe that's like a 75% savings? No one said I was ever good at math, I do hair. :)

October 11, 2009

Publix deals 10/11/2009

My Publix shopping trip this week was small. I do a large trip every other week. But, I had to go in for these great deals.

I got everything you see in this picture above for a unbeatable price. Go to and print out the shopping list for this week it is that easy!

Also, always go to Publix with your $5 off a $25 purchase from Rite-Aid they honor them and its a easy way to save!

The only things i purchased this week that I didn't have a coupon for and were not on sale was my 1LB. of shrimp and the bagels.

Also, the penny item this week was Coffee again. We do not drink coffee so what I am doing is putting a box together to donate to the DreamCenter food pantry. I encourage everyone to do the same as the food bank is at a low supply.

My total before Q: $41.33
My total after Q: $8.36

Did I mention that I spent $5.06 alone on the shrimp?

Target Big Savings 10/11/2009

Big Trip to Target this week.
Don't forget Target is great because you can use their coupons and manufacture coupons.
Best deals Target offers coupons for Keebler product just go to
So does
They also have this thermometer on sale for $2.99 that is a awesome deal, and everyone really should have a up to date one at their home.

My total before coupons: $51.96
After coupons: $9.19

I have been asked for alot of tips and such lately, feel free to email me any questions you may have, I love this stuff and want to help others be FRUGAL as well :)

October 10, 2009

Convoy of Hope

Hello Family and Friends, wanted to share with you a cool opportunity Darrell and myself got to experience this weekend. We have volunteered with Convoy 2 times before. It was a awesome experience. Every time we have worked in the kids area. What the Convoy of hope is a place where families can come and receive prayer, free groceries, haircuts, job resume help, and much more. There are so many people that help put this on. If you are interested in any more info please visit their website.