February 1, 2010

February 2010

So here I am. January sort of flew by and left me with little to no posting time. A lot has been going on with the #1 think which is WORK. That has been a lot of time and focus as of late. Also, Darrell started taking some classes at Trident to keep himself going. He has applied at a couple of Masters programs and we are waiting to hear back so you can be praying for that.

Hamilton has started taking classes with the AKC which has been pretty cool and fun, she has learned a lot of neat tricks. A lot of the dogs in her classes are show dogs so its pretty intense but we have no intentions of showing her or breeding her at this point. Truman is doing well also he loves having a little sister, and having someone to play with. His mange has been completely clear since October so that is awesome hopefully it will not come back.

We are still doing lots of couponing. I did a challenge for the month of January which was the $40 eat from the pantry challenge. It went pretty well except for the fact that I have no stockpile like most of the other women who braved the challenge but its ok, we still only spent $75 and that is actually going to get us through to the 7th of February so I am very proud of this feet.

Our plans for the spring are to make one more trek to NYC before mid April & wait on the letters from the schools Darrell applied for. It closed today so anytime now. I am freaking out more than him, but if you know him you could assume just as much.

Last but not least everyone go see "Dear John" it comes out this weekend and our awesome brother Warren helped film the movie look for his name in the credits.

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