September 14, 2010

Fun Adventures in AUGUST

This summer I was very blessed with being able to travel alot, I think bw May and August I took about 9 trips. It was awesome I was able to visit alot with the people I miss the most. Here is our girls night with my best friends from High school.
In August 2 of my besttest friends came here and we took a road trip to the Beautiful, Southern Savannah.
Darrell on the other hand was not able to travel very much he was working and in school the entire summer, he made me very proud with all his hard work and accomplishments. So, he was able to go on one trip with me to Charlotte and It was awesome because we were able to do some much in 2 days!
We went to Jade's first birthday party. Jade is such a little sweetheart she is the first baby for our group of CSU friends which makes her extra special. The boys had tons of fun going down the slip and slide.
Here is Jade and her parents, such a sweet family! Happy Birthday JADEY!

There are so many other pictures I would love to share with you from my adventures this summer, but first I need to learn how to upload pics wherever I want in the blog! :)

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