September 13, 2010


I pretty much have abandoned this blog. But, over the past couple of weeks I have had something inside of me that has been wanting to be a blogger girl so badly! Basically my goal for the next couple months is to blog as much interesting stuff as possible and to find other AWESOME bloggers to link up with and share ideas and creativity!

So here is what has been going on in the Brace household since June.

July Highlights:

Tevin (the student we mentor) Darrell and I went on a trip to ORLANDO to celebrate Tevin graduating from HIGH SCHOOL and also to explore the new Harry Potter world! Which is super awesome everyone needs to go!


Was a crazy month 4 of my close friends all had babies, well one is a friend but also my sister so I have earned myself one more sweet little nephew!


We are getting back into our new life routine with Darrell attending MUSC and me working and focusing on my career in the Hair world (which I love more than anything)

I will be updating more regularly so stay tuned!

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