December 6, 2009

Welcome Her Everyone

Introducing Hamilton Winslow Brace

Hey everyone my Birthday gift came early. Darrell got me a Morkie! I have been wanting one for sometime but was a little concerned how she would do with our beast Truman. So far so good she is too cute. She was 2.8 LBS and is 8 weeks old. How did we get the name you ask? My husband has this thing with presidential names i.e Truman (our other dogs name) so we always knew the next name we used would be Hamilton it was already a fav of ours and Winslow was after the family on "Family Matters" a favorite show of mine in the 90's still is when I can catch it. Truman Banks Brace was named after the Banks family on "Fresh Prince" I know we are wacky but I crack myself up. She looks like a little teddy bear and is so sweet. Truman is still kind of unsure of her but we are giving him lots of love so he doesn't get left out!

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Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

Welcome to the family, Hamilton! You are absolutely adorable and we can't wait to meet you!!!