October 4, 2010


(My Halloween costume from a couple of years back, I was Velma)

One of my Favorite months is here. OCTOBER. If you know me at all I am a Halloween FREAK. I love everything HALLOWEEN. 13 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN on ABC Family, Costumes, Decor, The weather, Hay Rides, and Pumpkin Patches.

I found this really fun Blog that shows you how to make awesome crafts, and this really fun Halloween wreath.

I also found this fun video from our favorite girls over at Food Network of cute and TASTY little treats to make this Fall Season.

Last but not least, I think I may have found Truman a Halloween costume. I think I am going to make him a PARTY ANIMAL. My idea is to take a empty 6 pack strap it on his back like a saddle and put a party hat on him. Not sure where is going to show this off at, But I will atleast get a kick out of it.

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