June 22, 2010


I had to share with you all. I have been super slack the past 6 months, because of the new salon, and weddings, and blah blah blah the rat race of life. But, I got back on the coupon train tonight and I couldn't be more STOKED!
I went to PUBLIX and only spent $6.33 on ALL OF THIS. Yes its mostly JUNK food but with all of the food my husband eats, and we always have guests this JUNK comes in handy. I have been on a serious diet (life change) for the past month and I have been working out and eating better so I wont get to enjoy most of it myself but never the less a DEAL is a DEAL!

In other news today is our 2ND wedding anniversary. It is truly hard to believe. We have had a great 2nd year. With big things happening like 2 trips to NYC a 2 times to Baltimore, 3 trips to Charlotte,1 sporting trip to ATL, twice to Myrtle Beach and probably a couple stops in between we love to travel, Darrell's acceptance into MUSC, getting a new pup (HAMI GIRL) and so much more. There has also been major downs in the 2nd year I like to say the terrible 2's ran its course at times as well (just keeping it real) Marriage is definitely not as easy as it looks. But all is on the up and up and we are looking forward to many more!

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