September 13, 2009


(Its hard to see everything, but I also go $23 worth of meat, and a free re-usable Publix bag)
(Its almost as tall as me)

So as many of you know I have really been getting in to using coupons over the past year. It does take a little time and planning on your part if you you want to do it, so at first I was a little concerned because I really have very little free time. But, with that said the $$$$ I am saving is going to help me so much in the long run. Today was a awesome day, I did my shopping for 2 weeks, my bill when I was finished was $200 but then I handed the cashier all my coupons and I watched it roll down to $120. It was so awesome! (I would have saved more but I bought Vitamins which were $14)

Ideas for those new to the game:
Every Sunday get 2 newspapers.
Clip all coupons even if you do not use that product.
Pull out your store of choices weekly paper.
Match up the best sales with your coupon.
Write down everything else you need. (Stick to the list so you don't overspend)
Find coupons for the the other items you need online.

There is a few other great blogs to the right to follow for helpful ideas.

I enjoy going to Publix because they take competitors coupons as well.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me. I am by no means a master, I have met several of those awesome women and they have taught me alot, I am just trying to give a couple helpful hints to save your family $.


Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

Holy Crow. That's a lot of groceries! I'm so proud of you for saving as much as you did. Coupons are definitely the way to go!!!

Hilary Surratt said...

I love the new look to your blog! SUPER CUTE! I hope to see you soon! :)