August 10, 2009

Uncle Dick

Remembering Uncle Dick. I consider myself a very family oriented person, along with that although many do not see this side of me, ok NO ONE sees this side of me except my immediate family I am also the single most sensitive person you will ever meet (although you would not know this). With all that being said, It was very hard for me to deal with the tragedy of loosing my Uncle. I have known a handful of people that have passed away, one being a dear friend in high school, the other 2 being a great aunt and uncle. But, this was the first time I actually knew this person and dealt with the loss on a closer scale. My Uncle was a very kind person, someone who was very helpful and always lit up the room. He was the oldest of 5 Children, and has taken most of the responsibility of taken care of my Grandmother since her husband died in the 1960's. We will all miss him dearly and we had a great time remembering him. Some quick facts about him, he loved Krispy Kreme, and the Ravens were his favorite team, he always tried to tell me jokes as a child, the top of his casket was painted purple for the Ravens I am sure he is watching this season in Heaven. I was thankful to make it to my family for those 3 days to spend time with them. This was the first time I realized life is so short, but sweet. It made me appreciate everyone alot more, and miss them much more as well. I encourage you to think about those you love and tell them.

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