July 19, 2009

New Lesson

I rarely post a blog like this but I was so humbled I felt like God was calling me to share.  In the past couple of weeks Darrell and I came into a small amount of money. If you know Darrell and I at all then you know we live on a small budget and allot it all out monthly and try to follow the Dave Ramsey budget plan that we learned in a class we took at  our church. Ever since we received this money we have been at odds with each other trying to come to a agreement on how to spend it. We could not agree for the life of us, and when we finally did agree things did not pan out the way we had planned. It is so funny how we all think that if I just get this one more thing we will be happy, or if we just made a little bit more $ we would be in such a better position, but that's not true at all it is always going to be one more thing. 

Now how God spoke to me. Darrell and I were in church this morning at the North Charleston DreamCenter. At the end of Pastor Sammy's message these 2 men got up and were exiting out the back and Darrell and myself were sitting beside the tithe box, the men obviously were homeless and they dropped their change in the box. My heart told me this was a portion of the small amount he had earned during the week. It put me in my place more than anything ever before. God said to me in this moment this person who has nothing gives so much, and you are being so selfish and you have so much, blessed more than many people. I was so thankful in that moment, not because I was outed as a stingy person, but because God shared with me a very important message that I struggle with.

God is so good, and we are all so blessed, and thankful. I said to Darrell as we left "Lord knows I never want to be win the lottery, I am happy just like this."


Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

that is a VERY important lesson from God. Thanks for sharing your heart. we all should remember how VERY blessed we are and how just a little bit can go so far for someone else. we love you guys!!

The Koch's said...

Great post! That is so true what you wrote. You guys are awesome.

The Brace Family said...

wow! Go God!!