June 14, 2009

One Year Anniversary


I cant believe One Year since we tied the knot has almost passed. Wow, it has gone by so fast! So much has changed in this past year, we have traveled more, met our hero's Mickey and Minnie, adopted the 3rd love of our lives Truman (The first being God, the 2nd being each other) We have bought a new home, planned out our future, and learned so much about one another. Every marriage is different, everyone shares different feelings and ties with their spouse, some are based on pure passion, others based on common interest. Darrell and I's relationship is based on being BEST FRIENDS. We are always together and rarely get on one an others nerves, we don't go anywhere without each other and I can honestly say I don't think we could even separate for an entire weekend. People say these types of things go away but I am hoping they never do, we share a very strong bond and I am so very lucky to have found someone so special that I love more than myself. Over this next year we have set plans and goals but I am sure if it is to be anything like this first year it will have plenty of surprises held in store for us. 

Also, we are planning a small weekend for our one year if anyone has any suggestions? 


Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

Congrats you guys on one year!! It goes by so fast, doesn't it?? I'm so excited for you and what God has planned for your lives... and I agree, being BEST friends with your spouse is really important. Bruin and I still do everything together, even after 5 years, and never ever tire of each other.
As for 'get-away' recommends, I say go to the mountains, maybe Asheville??

The Cromers said...

Happy happy happy anniversary :) I can't believe it's been a whole year! You guys are the greatest and SUCH an inspiration to old fogies like us ;) Hope you have a great weekend!