June 14, 2009

New Casa

Hey all. I haven't been so great about updating lately. Not that I don't like to blog but just that life has been rather busy here. Darrell and I recently brought a brand new home. Our first home, it is all very exciting. Word to the wise now is the time to buy, not only do you get the stimulus incentive but the rates are so low. We feel very fortunate to be this young and own our own home. We have settled in rather nicely. We have spent our spare time painting, and making tiny adjustments and personal touches to our place. Truman unfortunately has not settled in so well. He has made our lives a little difficult over the past two week. I honestly don't see how people move with children it is hard enough to move with one crazy dog. My camera died on me at the hair show so as soon as we get that up and running again I will add pics to what we have changed so far. Here are some pics of the house brand new just built. Keep us in your prayers that God fills this home with love joy, a little girl and little boy :)

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Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

YAY for your new casa! It's beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person. Btw, can I get your new address??