February 15, 2009

What Love Month Has Bought

                                           Truman and Maggie Hanging out.
                                      Maggie was getting pretty tired bc Tru likes to play to much!

                                                In this photo you can see his open wound

The month of love is upon us. We are happily married and best friends. This is our 5th Valentines day but our 1st one married! They just keep getting better! We have had a great month. I (Ashley) am seeing alot of growth in my job which I love. We are going on a vacation this month with my(Ashley) parents and younger brothers. Darrell has never been to Orlando and his mom informed me that it was always his dream to go. So, all of our dreams will come true next weekend ;) A couple of weeks ago, I was noticing alot of spiritual warfare going on with some of my friends, my work, our finances and was really struggling with that. But, I know it was because Darrell and I are trying to work our way further and further into Gods will. We celebrated Valentines day by I gave Darrell a facial at my work (he really liked it) and then we went to dinner at Fonduley Yours it was awesome! 

On a negative note. Truman got a infection on his back. I swear our pup is accident prone. We had to take him to the vet and they shaved off a block on his back. I was telling my friends Truman is apparently not aware of the family budget with all his fiasco's. He is doing fine just looks a little freaky! He is very happy though bc this weekend his friend Maggie is staying with us and he loves playing with her. 

Well have <3>

     Ashley, Darrell & Truman Banks


Melissa said...

Poor Truman!! I hope he feels better soon. Children are never aware of the budget. Believe me, my sick baby costs a fortune! Good thing they are worth it. I hope you guys have a great time on your trip. You deserve a good vacay!

The Cromers said...

I'm so glad y'all had a good Valentine's Day! You deserved it. Praying for you guys and for Truman...can't wait to see you!