January 28, 2009

Jamin' January

Hanging out with Staci & Gavin before they head back to Utah. Please Pray for them Jason her Husband is over in Afghanastian and Gavin is only one month old. He wont be back until late this summer.
                                                          Darrell & I goffing off.
                                      The Brace Family for Darrell's Bday celebration.
                           Darrell turned 22 on Jan 20th the same day Obama took office.
                               Hanging out with Gods Pottery from Last Comic Standing.
                                                      Mikey & I on Steph's bday!
                                       Kate Gosselin she came to our church to speak.
  The old college gang at a birthday celebration. So many friends came in town.
                                           Trumans first trip to the dog park! He loved it!
                                                         Wes & I are new hats. SO JEAL.
                                      The small group volunteering at the clothing bank.

This month has been so awesome. What a great start to 2009 :) I love it! We have experienced alot of great events this month so I just wanted to Highlight all the great events of 2009 so far!

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