October 13, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Ashley being a hair model on stage.

Truman sweet. He loves football.

Missy Looking FABULOUS on her bday!

This weekend was CRAZY. Super busy & fun! Friday I went to a "Sex in the city" Party/ Missy's 20 something + 1 birthday party had a super fun time and always enjoyed the movie! Its great to just hang out with the girls sometimes. Darrell had his bros over to watch Hockey game! What fun the season has started :( Sarcasm anyone?

     Saturday we were off to Birmingham, Alabama this was the first time that i can actually remember for Ashley going to a different time zone pretty cool!  That was for the rest of the weekend for a hair show. It was a great time and I got to meet alot of really cool artist and learn some new great things. On the way there we stopped at IKEA (one of my fav stores) to purchase some new decor for the SSM room in the new building of our church which opens in 3 weeks!!! EXCITING! Its even more fun shopping  when its not your money :) Also, great news following that Darrell and George have been name the new directors for the middle and high school students. We know GOD will bless that ministry!

     Well were off to start another week, I graduate from school this coming Thursday (YAY) so we are very excited about that and praying for GODS perfect placement with a job! Until next time, Ashley :)

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The Koch's said...

Awesome! Congrats on the BIG days for both of you. We need to go out to dinner as a group and celebrate!!