September 23, 2008

Charlotte Weekend

So this past weekend we ventured back to my hometown Concord, NC. I grew up about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte. While we were there we visited with some friends and went to a hair show for my school. I graduate in about 3 weeks so this show really taught me some awesome techniques and really got me pumped for getting ready to head into a salon. I am not sure where I am going to be working yet but will hopefully find the best place for me in the next couple weeks. This was also the first time we left our dog with someone we were a little worried not about the great pet sitters The Braces wouldnt do the best job, just worried Truman wouldnt be on his best behavior but he did fine. Thanks again Kristen for taking such great care of him and wearing him out he slept all night monday. Well friends keep me in your prayers that GOD leads me to the best place for me.

Until next time. Ashley :)

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