September 30, 2009

Target Trip 9/27

Wanted to share with you these great deals I got at Target this past weekend.

Using this website.

You can print out coupons you need before your trip to Target. They usually coincide with coupons in the Sunday paper. So you get double the savings.

Here are a couple great deals you need to check out.

The Glade oil candles. Are 3/$5 with the $1.50 OFF Q inside which makes them $.16!

The pop tarts were $2.00 there was a Q on the website listed above for $1.00 off there was also a Q in the Sunday paper for $1.00 OFF which made these FREE.

We feed Truman Purina One A 18LB. bag usually last us 3 weeks and cost $21.98 at Wal-Mart. At Target it was priced at $18.88 and we had a $3.00 off Q from the Sunday paper also Target had a $4.00 off Q which saved us $7.00 making the bag $11.88 :)

Also, on clearance was 3 boxes of Ziploc bags which was marked down to $3.88 we had 3 $1.00 any bag of Ziploc from a Aug Sunday paper. Which means we got each box for $.30

For more great deals go to

Before coupons was $94.80 after all were scanned it was $40.24 Pretty good deal!


The Koch's said...

You are awesome with finding the deals!!

The Leonards said...

The ziploc also qualifies for the scjohnson rebate!!