March 7, 2009


               Mickey was a blast
        Magic Kingdom where its at!
                          Universal was great for adults!
  I'm not gonna lie Hockey is great for the fights!
It was also Mardi Gras so we got to see some great parades and concerts.

Hey All,

      We have tons going on with the Brace Family. Something that was very exciting though was this past week we were able to visit Orlando, Florida. We have been wanting to go forever and the opportunity finally opened itself up. We seriously had the best time. We visited both of Universals Parks and all 4 of Disney Worlds Parks. It was also ESPN weekend which was awesome we were able to see lots of players, and be on Sport Center (well in the crowd) you have to start somewhere ;) My, (Ashley) favorite ride was the American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios. Darrell's was Spiderman Ride at Islands of Adventure. We also got to see NE-YO in concert. We had such a great time and can not wait to go back next time, we would like to go to the Holyland and Seaworld. Also, I hate to report we have started a Brace Family Tradition which is not so great we always seem to gamble away our $ on these trips. This time we lost it by playing BINGO at our resort with 60 other elderly vacationers and out of the 7 rounds we played we got nothing but a empty wallet, we lost a total of $18 smackers! Well we hope you can all end up that way soon its a great time for all.

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Rebekah and David Whichard said...

Disney rocks! I still love Orlando--even in my 30's. I'm looking forward to taking our kids there one day.