November 25, 2008

Traditions for The Holiday Season

I love this time of year. Although one thing I truly miss is the change of seasons. Holidays feel so much more real when the weather coincides with the way you picture that Holiday to be. In my hometown (Ashley) there are certain things we do on certain Holidays such as The day after Thanksgiving our BIG TOWN parade. I was in the parade practically every year for something or other. But, here in Charleston we have The James Island Light festival to go to which has become sort of a holiday tradition for us. Also I have talked Darrell into fighting the madness and joining in all the craziness of Black Friday. I am so excited I finally talked him into it. This is going to be awesome. I have a feeling he will be complaining like crazy! :) I love Holiday Traditions and am very blessed to be starting our own family traditions this year it is rather exciting! What are some of your off the wall family traditions?

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