November 11, 2008


                                                            Life's best fried goodness.   


So, basically this post is all about how much I love the fair. In my hometown we have a county fair every year which last 5 days but it is nothing like the fair here in Charleston. I am kind of wimp, I will not ride any of the rides at the fair it just freaks me out the rides being put up and then next day hundreds of people riding them. Oh No we wont go that far. Darrell and I met up with our friends Nicole and Bruin to go to the Coastal Carolina Fair and we had a blast. I mean it was pretty much all about the food. Which is great, who can beat fair food?


Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

We had fun with y'all! I like that you are like us... no rides, just food! :)We must do it again next year.

The Cromers said...

Girl, I hear ya. Nothing like a fair corn dog & a funnel cake :)