August 24, 2008

Welcome our new addition

              The Brace Family

          Truman Banks Brace

             Hes too cute for words.

Welcome our newest addition to the Brace Family. His name is Truman Banks Brace. Yes, we named him after the movie 8 below. (Best Disney movie of all time) He is a 10 week old American Pitt bull terrier and we rescued him from the SPCA he is the sweetest thing ever. We encourage anybody who is interested in getting a dog to adopt they have plenty of puppies that really need a good home or they could get put down. Right now at the N. Charleston SPCA they have over 400 animals.  


Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

Hi Truman,
Dodger here. Glad to hear you got a new home. It sucks being at the shelter, doesn't it? Your new parents look cool and fun. Glad you have a happy ending. We'll have to play together sometime.

P.S. Cricket says HI too.

The Cromers said...

OH MY GOSH! I love Truman!!! What an adorable baby and REALLY cute name. You know I still haven't seen 8 Below? I know it will make me cry hysterically so I am avoiding it.

Welcome to the fam, Truman!

The Bentons said...

Hey guys! You look great! I am excited that you have a new addition to your family! He is too cute!