August 20, 2008

Friends Night

So this weekend we had the rare opportunity to have all of our oldest friends from college over to our new home. We had a blast. It is very few and far between that we all have that chance to get together. It mostly went down the boys being very random and sketch in the office watching you tube videos which never ceases to amaze me and then us girls just chatting it up. We love all of our friends and miss them dearly and wish we could spend more time together but life is busy and time is precious. These pictures are too funny they are pictures from 4 years ago when we all first became good friends. It is such a blessing to have so many great loving people to call friends :)
(we were all dating our spouses here and we went to a Hawthorne Heights Concert in Myrtle Beach)

(Now were all married 4 years later)

(BUC Wild freshmen year at CSU)

(The crew 4 years later minus a few of us)

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