May 29, 2008

Whats New?

              (The boys playing boochi and Brittany)
(The girls, April, me, Angela, Kristin, and the going away party)

Whats new for us? Well the wedding is only 3 weekends away! Wow we are happy to say we are not to busy with last minute preps, we are just busy with school and work. We are so excited to move to the next step in our life. And, very happy to leave the old stage behind. The picture above is at a going away party for our 2 friends Robert and April. They are moving to Australia, Darrell and Robbie have been best friends forever and went to school and worked together at seacoast. April his wife and myself met in college at CSU. We were sad to see them leave but happy for their next phase in life. This next week is exciting. We will start actually finishing wedding stuff and I have a shower thrown by my best friend from growing up. Also, I will be having a shower for my sister-in-law for her sweet baby girl on the way! So excited!! Other than that we are looking foreword to seeing all our small group friends this weekend for Bruins bday!

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The Brace Family said...

soo excited and thankful to call you sister soon ashley and very excited about the shower!!