May 8, 2008

Trip back home to Concord NC

Darrell, I and Audrey we have been friends since 6th grade!
Audrey and I she just got back from LA!

Darrell and I at my hometown park.

My maid of honor Angel and bridesmaid Brittany, at a great hometown resturant the mayflower.

Ashley here reporting on our fun quick trip to Concord. I am actually from Harrisburg, NC which is even a smaller town with nothing in it but I normally just tell people Concord and when they say never heard of it I say Charlotte, which hopefully they have heard of. It was great to see old friends and see my town! BOY, more stuff pops up every single time I go back. I have 3 best friends who still live in town and several other really great friends that reside there still as well. It was great for Darrell to meet everyone that he still hasnt met and see how country I really am. He said he liked it there but was shocked how far we drive to get from place to place. Here is just a couple pics of our fun trip!

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