February 10, 2008

Whats New...

Sorry...we are so bad at updating this thing. I think I am just computer illiterate. The first post Darrell and I did it took us about 3 hours beacuse we couldnt figure out what we were doing wrong!

Right now, I am going to school and Loving it. I will graduate October, 14 of this year. Then I will be looking for a salon to work at until we have enough $ saved up for me to open my own :) Darrell graduates May of this year and is currently looking for a position in the ministry. We are getting married June 28th this summer. We had postponed our wedding from last summer but it was the wisest and hardest descion of my life and I know God is blessing that now. We are hoping to be able to buy our own hope by next January, and hopefully a fixer-upper beacuse we love doing that kind of thing. Our favorite show is flip-that-house! We dont know where to go on our honeymoon and taking suggestions. (CHEAP ONES)

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Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

OMG! You have a blog!!! I didn't know that!!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!! Welcome to Blog world :)