February 13, 2008

small group and the importance of church community

The great group of friends

Our awesome small group!

We are so blessed that we have a amazing group of friends from church to relate to. The picture above is majority of the small group. Minus The Whichards & The Delletts. The picture was taken at Steph and my bday party were bday twins, ok well actually I am a day older but Im not trying to brag or anything. Not only do we have the blessings of a small group every friday, but also so many people in the church are there for us and bless us tremendolusly.

Perfect example. Darrell was without a car for a long while. He has to drive 25 miles to school everyday and 25 miles back. Not a easy thing without a car, we let all of our friends know and he was blessed with over a $1000.00. How amazing. Now he has a great reliable 98 VW JETTA YAY!!!!

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The Cromers said...

Hey, Ash! I like your blog! I'll definitely check it out to keep updated with wedding details!