January 6, 2009

The Walk From Hell

So, I usually do not write posts like this but after this morning I have to share this. Please excuse my language at anytime I'm just telling what really happened! 

      This morning I decided that I am really going to start working on my new years resolutions. I have quite the list but the main one was to start working out again after taking a break for 7 months after our wedding. So, Truman and I started on a walk about 6 blocks around our neighborhood. Although I usually I do not take walks by myself without my husband just because there is some rough spots around where we live; This morning I was feeling rather ambitious! As Truman and I just started walking I became slightly annoyed. One, of my biggest pest peeves is when people just have outside dogs that constantly bark (I am sorry if this is offending any of you my loyal readers and friends, It just annoys me!) Well of course my angel of a pup is trained not to bark so he cant stand when these other peasants bark at him! OK the real truth here is he cries :) Haha, its pretty darn funny but we love him. Anyhow this isn't really the real story as we turned the next corner all of a sudden I hear this really aggressive loud continuous bark that sounds like its getting closer. I turn my head and It is the biggest Rottweiler I have ever seen in my life, I seriously think he was bigger than me ( that's not saying much) but he was jumping over this 6 feet tall fence to get at my less aggressive pit bull terrier Truman. As some of you also may or may not know I am actually very afraid of animals when I was in the 6th grade I was attacked by a stray Husky in the woods at a friends house. So, ever since then I have been deathly afraid of dogs until we got Truman. So seeing this Rottweiler jumping over the fence was like seeing my life flash before my eyes all over again. I didn't know whether I should protect Truman or save myself. Also, you may not know that I don't run very often haven't really ran since high school soccer. But, as my life was flashing before my eyes I screamed "Damn you Truman, RUN!!!!!" I never ran so fast in my life Truman kept turning around and trying to jump on me. But I realized if its going to be between you and me, its going to be me, sorry pup. In that short amount of time I planned how we could escape this beast. There was a cable guy fixing a line to my right with his door open I figured we could jump in his van and shut the door, or to my left was another fenced in yard I could jump over the fence, not sure if I could get my big behind over it but some way some how i was not going to be mangled to death but this dog. It felt like I had been running for eternity as i turned onto the next street, I heard someone yell at the dog and as I turned around he vanished. At this point I was sweating so bad I thought I would passed out. We still had about 3 more blocks to walk until we got home I figured nothing else could go wrong, a little did nothing nearly as dramatic as my life flashing before my eyes but I had some freak call me pretty which I know may be true but this guy was very questionable, and we had about 24 other loud dogs bark at us on our short walk home. Needless to say I will never take a walk again without my husband or down that street again with the terrifying Rottweiler. 


Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

OK. Let me start by saying I HATE Rottweiler’s. I was attacked by a mammoth Rottweiler when I was younger... so I cannot STAND them. But the way you told this story... you have me ROLLING in laughter. I'm SO glad you escaped. But WHOA. HILARIOUS STORY!! :)

The Cromers said...

I second Nicole...that was a tremendous job of storytelling. I saw the whole event in my head!!! So glad you and sweet Truman are OKAY!!!

The Koch's said...

Now that is a funny story. I too could see the event taking place in my head. Glad you both are doing great. P.S. get mace and carry it with you