August 11, 2008

Whats new with the Braces?

We hope everyone is doing well. We have been so busy, Darrell is on call now at his job and is working very long hours. He starts back school next week (which he is very excited about he loves school :) ) I am so busy with school right now also, I am trying to finish as soon as possible. I am so excited to find the perfect salon, and then hopefully start a internship my goal is to work on sets. I am also having no free time because I have swim lessons I am still teaching as well!

Darrell and I are loving the married life and having fun being together all the time. Were such best friends :) We are also planning a trip hopefully in december for our graduations but we have no idea where yet! Well many blessings to everyone we hope to see yall soon.

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Bruin and Nicole Robinson said...

We miss y'all!! so glad y'all are taking to married life... it IS awesome being married, especially when you marry your best friend :)See you soon!!!